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Graduate Study in Psychology is a B2C SaaS app from the American Psychological Association. This app allows undergraduate students to search and compare admissions information from over 500 schools for masters and doctoral programs in psychology.
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GradStudy Homepage Redesign


Stakeholders were looking to increase sales for the platform. To help identify current pain points and opportunities, the UX team ran a customer journey mapping workshop. We identified opportunities for the landing page to help conversions.


Optimize the landing page to help encourage new visitors to convert.

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My Role

I participated in a lot of the processes to help with the new release of Graduate Study in Psychology, such as customer journey mapping. My key contributions to the project was creating the usability test, analyzing the results, designing the final mockup, and providing some CSS. This project was collaborative and involved working across different departments and teams.


During the discovery phase of this project, our team set up a customer journey mapping session. After completing the workshop, one of the things we noted as a good opportunity was the landing page. Students can become overwhelmed when looking for their graduate program, and there are a few options for other tools out there. We also listed additional items that could be added to the landing page too; such as testimonials, a marketing video, and a demo of the product. The landing page was one of the first steps of engaging with the site, and could do more to show the value of the app.  We focused our attention on the following question:

How can we effectively communicate the tool’s value and encourage a more confident purchase?

Customer Journey Mapping Session for GradStudy

I ran an unmoderated usability study to see if users understood what the site was about, and if they had enough information to feel confident purchasing the product.

Questions asked during the study:

  • What does this product do? Learn about the features of this tool.
  • What price option would be best for you? Compare different price options available.
  • Search for a similar product/tool using Google. Tell us what that site does better.

Screenshot of an unmoderated usability study (participant's information has been removed)

New Visitors Were Confused

After analyzing the results, I found that users were very confused around what the site was actually trying to sell.

Participants initially thought that this tool was for general graduate programs. There was no mention of psychology graduate programs above the fold.

Students had to scan the entire page more than once to understand what the site was selling.

Lastly, the screenshots of the app were pushed all the way to the bottom of the page. People often pointed to this section to gain a better understanding of what the tool was.

Final Design

I used my notes from the usability study and competitive analysis to help drive the new design for the homepage.

The “Accurate and Detailed” section was added to help highlight the value. We worked with the business to pinpoint what makes this product stand out from similar tools. The business team works closely with other schools to get the most accurate information, rather than just pulling information from their college website.

Testimonials were added to help people feel confident about their purchase.

A preview page of the tool was added to give potential users an inside look at the product.

The pricing buttons were converted to a pricing table and pushed to the bottom of the page. Doing this allowed people not to feel so rushed to buy, and instead get to understand the product more.


These UX optimizations helped contribute to an increase in sales by solving our original problem: How can we effectively communicate the tool’s value and encourage a more confident purchase? These changes helped us double the amount of new users on the platform compared to the year before.

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