ANABO Fitness

A mobile fitness app that embeds ANABO's personal training expertise for tailored at-home workouts. Aimed towards helping people of all levels achieve their fitness goals.
ANABO Fitness
Lead UX/UI Designer
ANABO Fitness


In a crowded fitness app market, users face challenges accessing truly personalized and expert-guided workout routines. Existing apps often fall short in delivering personalized training experiences that align with individual goals, preferences and existing equipment. There is a pressing need for an innovative mobile fitness app that not only combines personal training expertise but also stands out among competitors, offering users effective and engaging workouts that help them achieve their personal fitness goals.


Create an intuitive app that embeds ANABO's digital fitness program proven to deliver results for any fitness level. The app took key aspects of this program which included evaluating the user's current fitness level, establishing a baseline, and increase intensity.

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My Role

I worked within a small team that included a Product Manager and mobile app developer. I facilitated design reviews with ANABO's CEO/founder and team, established a style guide for the app, created userflows, and delivered high-fidelity mockups.


This was a brand new app that consisted of three main user flows:

  • Account setup & settings
  • Fitness evaluation
  • Custom workout

In order for the user to get setup with their workouts, the app collects basic information from the user and has them complete a fitness evaluation. After completion of these steps, a baseline is established and the user receives their custom workout routine delivered to them each week. The workouts follow the ANABO program to help the user achieve their fitness goals.

Account setup & settings

The account setup collects just enough information from the user to help them get started with the app. These screens were designed to be simple, clear and easy to navigate.

Splash & account setup
Settings & tips

Fitness evaluation

A key component for the ANABO program is the fitness evaluation. It pulls from the information collected during the account setup. This evaluation helps determine the user's fitness level by having them complete a particular set of exercises. Since this is the first workout that the user is asked to complete, I wanted the experience to be consistent with what they would experience with their custom weekly workout routine.

This experience included the following:

  • Workout overview and exercise list
  • Exercise videos with timer
  • Break timer with user feedback
  • Workout completion with user feedback

We wanted to provide multiple opportunities for user feedback. Feedback is core to the ANABO experience and helps drive the workouts delivered to the user.

Fitness evaluation workout and user feedback

Custom workout

Each week the user receives workouts that's tailored to their fitness level and goals. Consistent with the fitness evaluation experience, the workout routine pulls in reusable components to provide a seamless user experience.

Home, workout overview and navigation
Workout exercise and user feedback

Light & dark themes

ANABO's branding colors were used to establish the dark theme and a light theme was created to give users the option to choose their preferred mode.

Light & dark modes

Reusable components

During the project I established a small library of components for the app to help create consistency.

App components

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